June 18, 2019

M. J. Maddox, PhD
is the American English Doctor.


L-3 Proficiency

Proficiency Literacy adds to the skills and abilities of Basic Literacy the following:

Sufficient general knowledge and reading fluency to be able to read and understand (without the help of a teacher) texts written for a general reader since 1900.

The ability to spell all the words in one’s speaking vocabulary.

The ability to write legibly and in complete sentences.

The ability to write a structured, well supported, carefully revised and edited essay suitable for beginning college work.

The habit of reading for enjoyment.

A basic knowledge of US history and government.

A general idea of the development of English language and literature.

A basic knowledge of world history and world literature in translation.

The ability to speak and write a standard form of English when appropriate.

One or two years of foreign language study.

The ability to consider differing points of view without becoming angry or defensive.

L-1 Functional Literacy
L-2 Basic Literacy
L-4 Advanced Literacy