June 18, 2019

M. J. Maddox, PhD
is the American English Doctor.


L-4 Advanced Literacy

Books that can be read at the advanced literacy level

Books that require a level of Advanced Literacy

Advanced Literacy represents a level beyond Proficiency Literacy.

Any high school graduate who expects to go on to university should have reached this level.

Generally speaking, the person who is at a stage of advanced literacy demonstrates some or all of the following characteristics, in addition to those of proficient literacy:

Reads widely on many different topics.

Reads deeply on subjects of special interest.

Is curious about words and understands that usage is not static.

Takes care to model standard speech to children and to ESL learners.

Adjusts usage and idiom according to whether the context is formal or informal.

Speaks a foreign language well enough to communicate with a native speaker of it.

Often seeks to verify the truth of information reported as fact in the media.

Understands how language is used to persuade.

Thinks critically, interpreting speech and writing in context.

L-1 Functional Literacy

L-2 Basic Literacy

L-3 Proficiency Literacy