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The Reality of Public Education

Politicians talk about “reforming education,” and benevolent billionaires make grand gestures towards “reforming education.”

Not surprisingly, members of the general public get the idea that US Public Education is something that’s not quite up to scratch, but can be put right if enough money and regulations are applied to it.

Actually, the phrase “reforming education” is meaningless. For one thing, not everyone means the same thing by the word education.

And for another, there is no way that 13,000+ school districts from California to New York serving 50 million children between the ages of six and seventeen and staffed by millions of diverse human beings can ever deliver the same type or quality of education to every child.

The fact is—money or no money, laws or no laws—the quality of education children receive in any public school depends on the home they come from.

Parents of any level of education or income have the power to lay the foundation of academic success for their children.  Use the information and suggestions on this site to make the most of your tax-supported public education, K-12.