January 19, 2018

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Dr. Maddox writes about School Reform at the online magazine Bellaonline.


The Pitfalls of Touchy-Feely Encouragement

Children don’t need artificial boosts to their self-esteem. And they should not be subjected to exams for which they have not been adequately prepared. […]

Dr. Maddox Tackles School Reform at Bellaonline

The American English Doctor writes about School Reform at the online magazine Bellaonline. Here are links to seven recent articles. […]

Education Is Not A Right

The US Supreme Court has ruled that public education is not a fundamental right under the constitution. Now there’s an effort to claim that literacy is a constitutionally protected right. […]

Education Questions Unasked

Voters need to stop thinking of the federal government as something separate from themselves that can solve all their problems relating to education. Effective education begins at home. So do effective education policies. […]

The Computer Paradox

If computer use in the classroom stunts the development of other forms of learning, then the fact that “all students in grades K-2 have iPad Minis and all students grades 3-12 have Chromebooks” is nothing to brag about. […]