December 11, 2017 is the work of M. J. Maddox, PhD. The content is for parents, teachers, and mature students.

Dr. Maddox writes about School Reform at the online magazine Bellaonline.


Love of Reading Grows from Reading

If you want your child to develop a love of reading, start them on the way before they’re infected by the popular idea that reading is “uncool.” […]

Teens Need Parental Supervision

Teens who work long hours during high school are less likely to graduate from college.

Research conducted at the University of Michigan finds that high school students who work beyond 15 hours per week are less likely to graduate from college than those who work fewer hours. The study echoes the findings of others […]

Treat Pre-Schoolers with Respect

Three-year-old baking cookies

Your pre-schooler is an intelligent being. Don’t base your treatment of your pre-schooler on such obvious signs of immaturity as spilling things, dawdling, wiggling, or refusing to use the potty.

Yanking, shaking and shouting won’t do a thing to speed a child’s maturity, but it will do a lot to damage […]

Monitor Your Child’s Spelling

Too many children go through school with the idea that they’re “no good” at spelling. It’s an attitude fostered by poor teaching technique. […]

For U.S. Youth, Intellectual Achievement is not Cool

According to Cross-Cultural Analysis of Math Studentsby Titu Andreescu, Joseph A. Gallian, Jonathan M. Kane, and Janet E. Mertz, there’s a social stigma associated with mathematics among American teenagers:

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