September 24, 2017 is the work of M. J. Maddox, PhD. The content is for parents, teachers, and mature students.

Dr. Maddox writes about School Reform at the online magazine Bellaonline.



Don’t fall for the notion that the teaching of handwriting in the early grades should be replaced by keyboarding instruction.

Reading fluency depends upon familiarity with the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they represent.

When children learn to form the letters with a writing implement held in their hands, they are laying down essential patterns in their brains.

Research shows that handwriting instruction and practice contribute to reading fluency and critical thinking skills. High school and college students who take class notes by hand absorb the content of a lecture better than those who take notes on a laptop.

Handwriting is also an extremely personal attribute. Children should be given the opportunity to develop an individual and beautiful handwriting.