August 22, 2017 is the work of M. J. Maddox, PhD. The content is for parents, teachers, and mature students.

Dr. Maddox writes about School Reform at the online magazine Bellaonline.


Education Questions Unasked

Voters need to stop thinking of the federal government as something separate from themselves that can solve all their problems relating to education. Effective education begins at home. So do effective education policies.

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The Computer Paradox

If computer use in the classroom stunts the development of other forms of learning, then the fact that “all students in grades K-2 have iPad Minis and all students grades 3-12 have Chromebooks” is nothing to brag about.

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Enough of the College Brainwashing, Already!

Parents need to put their fingers in their ears and shut out the steady barrage of unrealistic hype about “every child must go to college”—especially when it’s directed at children under the age of fourteen.

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The Verb “Tread”

The verb “tread” in the sense of stepping or walking has been in the language for a thousand years. Not surprisingly, changes have taken place in how it is used.

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Lowering the Bar For Teachers

Teaching is a profession every bit as vital to the common good as doctoring. As far as I can tell, no one is suggesting that the AMA lower residency requirements to permit more people to enter the doctoring profession.

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