M. J. Maddox, PhD is the American English Doctor.  




Literacy is “the ability to read and write,” but reading and writing are the by-product of speech.

Reading is the end product of a process that begins with speech, passes through writing (encoding) and ends with taking meaning from written symbols that represent familiar speech sounds for words in the reader’s vocabulary.

Before children can be expected to read, they must have language.

Because not all children bring the same language skills to school and because most public schools nowadays employ beginning reading instruction that favors children  from language-rich homes, about half the children who begin school rarely achieve a basic level of literacy.

Illiteracy and semi-literacy contribute to the many social ills that beset our nation. The very existence of public schools is threatened by  political and economic influences. In this unsettled state of educational opportunities, only parents can ensure the reading success of their children. To do this, they must inform themselves of the reading process and form a clear idea of what “literacy” means to them.

Here are the four levels of literacy as defined at the American English Doctor:

Functional Literacy

Basic Literacy

High School Literacy

Advanced Literacy