Mission Statement

The focus of this site is Basic Literacy.

The most certain way for a child to achieve a level of basic literacy by the end of eight or more years of public education is to be blessed with at least one adult willing to interact with that child.

The American English Doctor offers material intended to help adults monitor the early education of the children important to them.

The site is not high-tech, and the pedagogy is a bit old-fashioned, but the techniques offered are effective with most children.

The American English Doctor is Dr. M. J. Maddox. Her academic credentials are in the name Margaret Joan Maddox and her nonacademic work is published under the name Maeve Maddox. She has taught English at every level from preschool to university, in England and the United States.

The resources offered on this site will be of use to new teachers and students of English as a second language, as well as to parents of young children.

The Eight Categories on this Site

Child reading Open notebook with pen A corrected sentence
Preparation for reading success begins at birth. Articles in this category offer tips for building reading readiness from birth to five years.
Writing includes handwriting as well as keyboarding. Articles in this category offer instruction in different kinds of writing, beginning with the ability to print.
English spelling is challenging, but it is not the mess some people claim it is. The articles in this category offer a simple, systematic approach to teaching spelling.
The native English speaker who understands the rules for pronouns and verbs will make few grammatical errors. The articles in this category offer practical grammar advice.
Child watching TV

Children are constantly bombarded by messages from the culture around them. Articles in this category offer reviews and critiques of children’s television and other influential media.

One of the most precious institutions we have is the public education system. Articles in this category offer suggestions for making the most of public education at the local level.

A child’s first five years are the most important for emotional and intellectual development. Articles in this category survey the possibilities open to parents of newborns.

Reading comprehension requires a fund of knowledge in the reader. Articles in this category provide the sort of information necessary forĀ  basic cultural literacy.