Teaching to the Top

When I taught in a small private school in London, the headmistress frequently reminded her teachers to “teach to the top.”She meant that we should direct our lessons to the top students in the class. She believed that teaching to the most able students set the standard. Students “in the middle” would be challenged to […]

O is NOT for “owl”

I almost bought a book called Webster’s First Phonics compiled by Stuart Dent. At first glance it seemed to offer a beginning word book that acknowledges the special spellings of English, those letter combinations like sh, which represents a sound that has no letter in the alphabet, and igh, which is an alternate spelling for […]

It DOES Matter What They Read

If Americans are not a reading nation, it is because they do not find books interesting. If they do not find books interesting, I can only think it’s because they never discovered the excitement of books while they were young. If all I’d had to read when I was young had been the boring drivel that passes as “relevant” reading for young people these days, I might never have developed a love of reading.