Mere Seat-Warmers Don’t Deserve a Passing Grade

You can’t get educated just by warming a seat. So help me, I once had a “student” in one of my French classes who never did anything but come to class. He was pleasant and well-behaved, but he would not participate in class exercises and most certainly would not do the daily homework assignments. Naturally […]

Brains Need Exercise Too

Fitness trainers encourage their students to challenge themselves, but reading specialists discourage young readers from venturing outside their comfort zone. Does that make sense?

So-Called “Leveled Reading” is a Disgrace

The current official educational position about reading is that children need to be carefully kept to books that meet certain “readability” levels.The following comment from the Scholastic (Canada) site reflects the deplorable acceptance of an inexcusable situation: Leveled reading removes the one size fits all approach to reading, giving each child the opportunity to develop […]

Choose Your English Usage Sites With Care

One of the most popular topics on the web is that of English grammar and usage, but not all of the “experts” out there know what they’re talking about. To give you an idea of the sites that offer advice on English, here are the hits I got when I Googled the following terms: English […]