U. S. Education is not about Education

Students who do not read fluently and widely from the early grades may acquire minimal employment skills, but they are not likely to become educated adults.


In ancient Greece, citizens voted to ostracize dangerous politicians. Nowadays, dangerous politicians ostracize citizens.

Erik the Red and Leif Erikson

Erik the Red (Erik Thorvaldsson) was born in Norway in about 950 CE, towards the end of the Viking Age (8th-11th centuries). His son was Leif Erikson, the explorer who explored the eastern coast of the New World 500 years before Columbus set eyes on the Bahamas in 1492. NOTE: The names Thorvaldsson and Erikson […]


True dyslexia is a treatable medical condition. Wide-spread reading failure in U.S. schools is the result of ineffective methods of instruction.