The Big Lie

People will believe a big lie sooner than a little one, and if you repeat it frequently, enough people will sooner or later believe it

Schools Neglecting English

This paragraph from a story about dropping reading scores on the SAT made me sigh: …the relatively poor performance on the SATs could raise questions whether reading and writing instruction need even more emphasis to accommodate the country’s changing demographics. The story goes on to point out the growing number of test takers for whom […]

The Human Animal

Thanks to scientific classifications of taxonomy, we can pinpoint our place in the scheme of life

“Aslan” Means “Lion”

I once had a student whose surname was Aslan. I remember making some silly comment on the similarity of her name to that of the lion in the Narnia stories. She fixed me with a look of forbearance for adult ignorance that only a ten-year-old can muster and said: Aslan is the Turkish word for […]