Maeve Maddox, the American English Doctor
Dr. M. J. Maddox, the American English Doctor

The American English Doctor wears numerous hats and goes by more than one name.

As Maeve Maddox, I contribute to the international language blog,

My academic writing has appeared under the bylines Margaret Maddox, Peggy Maddox, and M.J. Maddox.

The name you’ll find on my academic credentials is Margaret Joan Maddox. I’ve earned four university degrees and taught language and literature at every level from preschool to university, in public and private schools, in the United States and in England.

My views about teaching and public education often differ from current policy and practice.  However, I am a strong supporter of public education. I regard the public schools as the best hope of unifying the diverse segments of the population that make up this country. That said, I have to acknowledge that political and economic corruption have found their way into the public education system. Parents and teachers must work together to resist policies and teaching fads that are detrimental to teaching, learning, and the national interest.

The current Covid pandemic has added to the difficulties besetting parents and the public schools. The teaching that is possible in the classroom and online continues to decline in quality and availability.

Because of these disruptions, parents of children who have not yet acquired a level of literacy that enables them to learn from books face the necessity of taking on home teaching duties. The material on this site will help them guide their children to a level of basic literacy or beyond.

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University Degrees

BA, English/Journalism, Oklahoma City University

BA (Honours) English, University of London (England)

MA, PhD, Comparative Literature, University of Arkansas (Fayetteville)

Teaching, Subjects Taught

John Marshall High School, Rochester, New York: English.

Hugh-Jones Tutorial School, London, England: English

Fountain Lake High School, Hot Springs, Arkansas, English, Journalism

Hot Springs High School, Hot Springs, Arkansas: English, French

National Park Community College, Hot Springs Arkansas: English, French

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas: English, World Literature

Malvern Technical College, Malvern, Arkansas: English