Guessing-to-read Instruction Going, but not Gone

The most effective way to teach beginners to read has always been to teach the sound code before teaching words. The educational establishment is decreeing that phonics be restored to the schools, but parents need to be alert to the instruction their children are receiving.

What Are Public Schools For?

Taxpayers who want their money to fund public education need to get serious about stopping the drain of public money into the private sector.

Indoctrination—What Is It, Really?

State legislators can pass all the laws they like in an effort to limit what children are allowed to learn about in school, but they are fighting a losing battle.

Misspellings a Danger Sign

English spelling is more challenging than that of other modern languages, but it’s not rocket science. It is easier to learn than algebra and provides some of the same advantages. Learning to construct words phonetically and to recognize exceptions trains the mind to observe details and draw conclusions, skills that enable critical thinking.