A Little Learning Is Better Than None

Is your child receiving classroom instruction this fall? If so, congratulations. You must live in an area in which the virus is under control. Is your child thriving with online classes? If the answer is Yes, congratulations to you also. On the other hand, if you have answered No to both questions, you need an […]

All Schooling Used to be Home Schooling

What we have now is normal for now. Parents must work within the circumstances that exist now. For many, that means that some form of home-schooling will be the norm for the foreseeable future.

Online Instruction Not for Everyone

If the details of online instruction have you and your children stressed to the breaking point, stand down. Go low-tech, with books and writing materials.

School Supply Time Again

As you head off to the store with this year’s list of school supplies, it is well to help your child choose materials that will promote learning and not distract from it. It would also be well to encourage your child to take care of these materials. Yes, children do break and lose things, but […]

Parental Choice in Education

We’re in the midst of National School Choice Week, 2018. The only meaningful “parental choice” is the choice parents have to supplement their children’s education at home and to vote for politicians who are committed to a strong system of public education.