Sanditon Revisited, The Characters

After watching the first television episode and staring open-mouthed as Sydney Parker gives Miss Heywood a most ungentlemanly, spittle-spewing tongue-lashing upon their early acquaintance, I sensed that something was amiss.

Warren Buffet on Language Skills

An apt post to follow the one on the difference between hone and home is this one about the views of billionaire Warren Buffet expressed in a LinkedIn video posted by entrepreneur Michael Hood. In the video, Buffet—who knows how to use the word hone—advises young people to “focus on learning how to write and […]

Dyslexia Movie Revisited

Dyslexia is a condition that deserves the attention of parents and teachers, but not every child who has difficulty learning to read has dyslexia.

Subversive Staples Ads

What kind of arrogant, insensitive irresponsible products of spoiled privileged childhoods wrote these Staples ads? Don’t they know that most parents are lucky to get enough money together to pay for one set of supplies for each child?

Not Smart to be Smart

Things everyone once learned from a public education have become esoteric knowledge.

The Violation of Peter Rabbit

If the text of this pirated version of Peter Rabbit is any indication of the stuff beginning readers are exposed to on a regular basis, no wonder so many of them grow up convinced that reading is a bore.