Reading Fluency Is Your Child’s Lifeline

No matter how the 2020 election turns out, the inequities of public education are not going to even out for a very long time. The child who can read fluently can still become an educated adult.

Back-to-School Options in 2020

If harried parents can do nothing else for their children’s education during these distressing times, they can help them master the one academic skill that is the foundation on which formal education is built.

Cheating is Bad

When I was in school, people who cheated knew that what they were doing was dishonest.

State Legislators and the Pied Piper

The Hamelin burghers congratulated themselves on their cleverness in taking advantage of a politically powerless service provider. Too late, they realized that their cleverness had cost them their future.

What Are Teachers For?

Some legislators want to deal with future school shootings by arming classroom teachers. Wouldn’t it be preferable to do something practical to prevent children from growing up to want to kill their teachers and classmates?