Handwriting Instruction—Good and Bad

Lately, on Facebook, I have noticed two handwriting-related products. One is of possible short-term value, but the other is a dreadful idea. Training Pencil Grip The possibly useful product is a device that is placed on the writing end of the pencil to hold the thumb and index finger in the tripod position. The device […]

Dictation: A Way To Reinforce Several Learning Skills at Once

An all-purpose exercise that reinforces spelling, punctuation, grammar, pronunciation, short-term memory, handwriting, and attention-to-detail all at once, is Dictation. Dictation can work its magic in a classroom setting or in a one-on-one tutorial situation. For parents with limited time and uncertain computer access, Dictation is Hamburger Helper for English. Two or three dictations a week […]

Writing Contest for Students Ages 11-19

Is your child interested in science, technology, engineering, math, or health phenomena? This New York Times writing contest could be just the thing to enrich the next few weeks of lockdown. The contest is sponsored by The New York Times Learning Network, a service for teachers that offers free resources based on the content of […]

Cursive Writing Law

The first step in teaching writing printed or joined is to show the child how to hold a pencil.

Student Writing vs the Education Experts

Students who receive the right language instruction in grades K-8 will be ready to write the multi-paragraph papers required by CCSS when they reach high school.