1. Who runs this site?
The “American English Doctor” is Dr. M. J. Maddox, author and English specialist. Her academic credentials are in the name Margaret Joan Maddox. Her online identity is Maeve Maddox.

2. How is this site different from the thousands of other sites about English and reading instruction already available?
I don’t know how it differs from all of them, but it differs from many in what it does and does not assume.

• It does not assume that everybody means the same thing by words like education and literacy.
• It does assume that most parents–of every economic class–love their children and would like to send them to school ready to learn.• It does not assume that all parents have the patience or reading skills to read long explanations.
• It does not assume that the chief purpose of public education is to prepare all students to go to college.
• It does assume that young children are smarter and more capable than they are often given credit for.

3.What qualifies Dr. Maddox to advise parents on educational topics?
Dr. Maddox has taught at every level from pre-school to the university level. She’s taught in schools large and small, public and private, in the United States and abroad.

She knows that for the most part, thanks to inadequate and often irrelevant teacher training, U.S. teachers are thrown into the classroom unprepared for the realities of teaching.

She does not blame teachers for all the inadequacies of the public schools. She has seen the job of the public school teacher become more difficult by the year as political and cultural changes have affected the behavior of students and the attitudes of parents towards teachers and the public schools.