Mother reading to child.

L-2 Basic Literacy

Books one can read at a level of basic literacy
Books that can be read at the level of Basic Literacy

English speakers who have achieved basic literacy demonstrate the following skills and characteristics:

  • Can write a handwritten note that the recipient can read without struggling to decipher the letters or the meaning.
  • Can spell everyday vocabulary such as definite and calendar correctly without digital help.
  • Are not intimidated by “big words” because they know how to use a dictionary to check the spelling, meaning, and pronunciation of an unfamiliar word.
  • Know how to speak more than one dialect of English and when to speak which.
  • Know the most basic grammatical rules of standard American English.
  • Know how to find information in the old technology called “books.”
  • Sometimes prefer reading to TV.
  • Have a general notion of US history and the United States form of government.
  • Have a general acquaintance with significant English works of literature.
  • Have a general notion of world geography, history, religion, and literature.
  • Can think critically about statements made in such different contexts as advertising, entertainment, news reporting, and books written in an earlier century.

L-1 Functional Literacy
L-3 Proficiency Literacy
L-4 Advanced Literacy

July 22, 2024