Links to Maeve’s 2007 essays at DWT (Daily Writing Tips)

Since May 2007, Maeve Maddox has written more than a thousand articles on language for the popular blog Daily Writing Tips. These essays on grammar, usage, and etymology remain timely reading.  Fifty of her essays on the writing craft have been collected in So You Want to Write! Tips and Pep Talks to Get You Started and Keep You on Track. She is in the process of collecting the most-read and commented-on articles of each year. The printed volumes will be available on Amazon.

Here are some of Maeve’s favorites:

Let the Word Do the Work
I Hate “Kids”
Thou “lily-liverd boy!”
The Gentleman Fled on Foot
Me, Myself, and I
TV’s War on “Me” and “I”
One Size Does Not Fit All
Usage That Provokes “Blackboard Moments”
Tracking a Quotation
Why So Much Anger Over Usage?
30 Words Inspired by 29 People and an Elephant
When is a Mistake Not a Mistake?
Does Web Usage Matter?
Why Can’t Style Manuals Just Agree?
Brainstorms Turning to Showers
What to do About Non-standard English

Here are links to most of Maeve’s language-related articles at Daily Writing Tips. Please browse and comment.

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