Very young child reading
Early exposure to books is a building block for reading readiness

The first academic skill a child is expected to learn is that of reading. All further education is built not just upon the ability to read, but the habits of study developed by the beginning reader.

Wise parents will separate themselves from the experts on either side of the Great Reading Debate. Educators do not agree as to the best way to teach beginning reading. They will never agree. And parents of young children do not have time to take sides. Children who do not master reading by the end of Third Grade will be academically handicapped for the rest of their school days.

The reading instruction on this site is phonics-based, but it does make use of word lists used by teachers who use “whole word” methods.

On this site you will find everything you need to know to teach your child to read. The main thing to remember is to do the work in baby-steps. If you begin early, you will have plenty of time to prepare your preschooler for reading success.
If you begin talking and reading to your baby at birth, you will have 1,825 days to expose your child to language before time to begin kindergarten.

REMEMBER: Learning to read does not begin in kindergarten. It begins at birth. Send your child to school prepared for reading success.

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