EDUCATION: More than job-training

Signatures Needed to put Arkansas education act on the ballot

Early in the new administration, the governor and state legislature of Arkansas rushed through a sweeping education act. As the act was passed and signed with little public input, an effort is underway to secure a referendum.

In order to place the issue on the ballot, 55,000 signatures must be gathered by the end of July.

Where to sign in the different Arkansas counties

The effort is being undertaken by volunteers. Funding the effort depends upon voluntary contributions.

How to donate

For a detailed look at the content of the LEARNS Act, read the articles on this site.

Justifications for the Act

Sections 1-8 Board Empowerment and Unfunded Mandates

Sections 9-15 Individual Plans for All Students

Sections 16-21 Indoctrination

Sections 22-28 Teacher Control

Section 29 Magical Thinking

Sections 30-37 Teacher Recruitment 

Sections 38-48 Amenities for Private Schools

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