EDUCATION: More than job-training

Beware of Education Jargon

Until I read an article from, I thought I knew the meaning of “multiculturalism” as it applies to education.

Apparently it means something entirely different to some people in the Education Establishment.

My definition

To me the term “multicultural education” refers to a curriculum that includes English language, world literature in English, foreign language study, geography, and history taught from a more inclusive viewpoint than the politically privileged point of view of the white men whose interpretations prevailed in the past.

According to the reformers on the EdChange site, “multiculturism” means, “deconstructing” American culture altogether and refocusing public education on ethnic differences.

Parent definitions

Parents need to take note of terms used by professional educators and education reformers.

Not everyone necessarily means the same by such terms as multiculturism, charter schools, student-centered learning, differentiated instruction, inclusion, and so many other examples of educational jargon.

The first term parents need to define is the word “education.” What do you mean by it?

Is education a course of study that includes literature, history, natural science, and common cultural knowledge that can contribute to the individual’s mental and spiritual development?  Or is education merely the learning of practical skills related to earning a living?

Know what you mean by education

Many professional spokespersons—not necessarily classroom teachers—are fond of using specialized terms to create smokescreens. Parents should require them to define their terms with concrete details.

A useful exercise for parents is to make a list of what they expect their children to know and be able to do by the time they leave school.

Dictionary of Educational Jargon

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