Although currently beset by economic and political turmoil, the US public education system is still one of the most valuable institutions we possess as a people. The best local schools are those with the most parental involvement.

Formal education has always belonged to the privileged classes.

Throughout history, formal education has not been available to everyone. Even in the United States, early examples of tax-supported education like the Boston Latin School were open only to white boys. Only in the 1960s were US public schools open to boys and girls of every background. Even today,  the quality of education differs from state to state and even from neighborhood to neighborhood.

Because public schools differ in quality and effectiveness, some people argue that they should be phased out in favor of private schools.

This is a bogus argument.

Public education is no more optional than our system of national defense. If some public schools are not operating as they should, the onus of improving them is on the agencies responsible for them and on the voters who decide who run the agencies.

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