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Could the Tea Party be Right about Common Core?

A story in this week’s Washington Post about the Tea Party’s push to reject the Common Core State Standards has garnered a lot of comments. Most of them are sarcastic in nature, suggesting that if the Tea Party is against the CCSS, then all reasonable people must be for them.

This may be a time for hardcore liberals to resist the obvious knee-jerk reaction. Tea Party groups aren’t the only ones to be feeling buyer’s remorse about the CCSS.

Reflect for a moment upon the chagrin Miss Bennett felt when she learned the truth about Wickham and Darcy. Sometimes people we don’t much like speak the truth, while people we admire are lying to us.

Test your assumptions about the Common Core State Standards. Don’t go by what you read in the mainstream media. Most of those articles are written from CCSS handouts.

Here are some links to get you started.

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