Dr. M. J. Maddox

Who is the “American English Doctor”?

Dr. Margaret J. Maddox has taught at every level, from pre-school to university, in rural and urban schools, public and private, in the United States and in England. She holds degrees from Oklahoma City University, the University of London, and the University of Arkansas. Her publications include fiction and nonfiction, both academic and general interest.


What is the focus of this site?

Basic literacy for everyone is the focus of the AmericanEnglishDoctor.. Other school subjects are certainly important, but the ability to read fluently to the level of one’s intelligence, to write a coherent sentence, and to speak a standard form of English when needed, is the most important ability every child needs to acquire by the age of fourteen. For this reason, the focus of this site is beginning reading instruction and the language skills to be mastered during Grades K-8.  

What are the elements of literacy?

On this site, the components of literacy considered to be  the following:


What is the site’s attitude toward public education?

The US public education system is an important pillar of American democracy, on a level of importance with the US Post Office, and the nation’s public libraries. The AmEdDr acknowledges the fact that the system is not as effective as it could be. For that reason, this site emphasizes the importance of parental involvement with their children’s education—beginning at birth. It also discusses aspects of public education of importance to parents.

What is the site’s attitude toward private education?

Private education is a valid choice for families who possess the means to pay for it, or who are willing to make financial sacrifices to homeschool their children. Dr. Maddox taught for seven years in a private tutorial school in London. Most of the classes were limited to seven children. The students attended three or four classes at the school and went home,  where they did thirty minutes of homework for each subject. Teachers corrected homework carefully, and the students made corrections before doing the next homework. Their work showed improvement in a fraction of the time it would take in classes of thirty. BUT, private education like that is expensive. Private schools are commendable, but because they are private, they need to be funded privately. 

Who can benefit from this site?

  • Busy parents of preschoolers who want to build their children’s vocabulary while going about the daily routine.
  • Parents who wish to monitor their children’s reading progress during the crucial years of K-3.
  • Parents of children in Grades 4-8 who would like to help their children with spelling, grammar, and general knowledge acquisition.
  • Homeschooling parents.
  • Adults who are looking to improve their English skills for professional reasons.
  • New citizens who are learning American English and culture.