The ability to use Standard English when appropriate is a valuable job skill.

The ability to use Standard English is a job skill.

Obnoxious people often post hateful comments in social media to make fun of other people’s language. As a result, the people targeted begin to hate the whole idea of Standard English.

Don’t let yourself or your children be bullied into rejecting standard English usage because of language bullies.

Like all languages, English is a collection of local dialects. Every dialect is a legitimate form of the language, but dialects differ in grammar and vocabulary. No one dialect is superior to another, including the standard dialect.

The standard dialect, however, is a valuable job skill.

One dialect may not be easy to understand by speakers of another dialect. For that reason, in every modern language, one dialect is recognized as the “standard dialect” that everyone learns for purposes of education, government, research, and business.

Millions of people all over the world study a standard dialect of English in addition to  the standard dialect of their own language.

How much more difficult is it to learn a completely different language than it is to learn the standard dialect of the language of one’s birth? Anyone born into an English-speaking family has no excuse to refuse to learn the standard dialect in addition to the home dialect.

In the United States, the standard dialect is called Standard American English (SAE).

Standard English belongs to anyone and everyone who has the intelligence to recognize it for what it is: a form of communication that crosses social and economic boundaries.

Your child’s educational goals should include mastery of Standard English.

Word Rage: a collection of brief articles about Standard English and how to talk back to language bullies.

Knowing more than one dialect is useful



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