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Get Off Your High Horse!

Back when only the rich and powerful could ride around on huge expensive horses, towering above the lower classes, the expression “to be on a high horse” had something to do with actual social superiority.

Nowadays, when everyone is theoretically equal to everybody else, the man, woman, or nation that assumes a position of social or moral superiority is said to be “on a high horse.”

Asia to the West: Get Off Your High Horse

Buffett Finally Falls Off His High Horse

Johnny Miller continues to sit on his high horse from the 18th tower

But could it possibly be that Scott Boras, the man who thought he was bigger than the World Series, is finally getting thrown from his high horse?

Mel Gibson Gets On His High Horse About Sequels

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid got on his high horse in the Senate on Wednesday afternoon

Clegg falls off his high horse

Get off your Windows high horse: Try something new

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