The verb is the motor that runs a sentence.

Nouns label the things we want to talk about.

Verbs enable us to say something about nouns.

Verbs are often called action words or doing words, but not all verbs denote action or doing.

Some verbs do not indicate any kind of action. Some verbs describe the state of simply existing. These are called “being” verbs.

ACTION VERBS enable us to say what the thing named by a noun does:

The cat climbs trees.

Fear froze them in their tracks.

Oatmeal fights cholesterol.

BEING VERBS enable us to say something about the nature of the noun we’re talking about:

Cats are independent creatures.

Fear is sometimes a good thing.

Oatmeal is bland.

NOTE: Once you use a verb to say something about a noun, you have created a sentence.

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