1. cut/cut/cut (23)

English Irregular Verbs
The verbs in this group have the same spelling for simple present, simple past, and past participle.

beat, beat, [have] beat
bet, bet, [have] bet
bid, bid, [have] bid NOTE: as used in card playing
broadcast, broadcast, [have] broadcast
burst, burst, [have] burst
cast, cast, [have] cast
cost, cost, [have] cost
cut, cut, [have] cut
dwell, dwelt, [have] dwelt
NOTE: dwell, dwelled, dwelled also acceptable.
fit, fit, [have] fit
NOTE: in some contexts fitted is the correct past form.
forecast, forecast, [have] forecast
hit, hit, [have] hit
hurt, hurt [have] hurt
let, let, [have] let
put, put, [have] put
quit, quit, [have] quit
read, read, [have] read
NOTE: present and past pronounced differently: read /reed/, read /red/.
rid, rid, [have] rid
set, set, [have] set
shed, shed, [have] shed
shut, shut, [have] shut
slit, slit, [have] slit
thrust, thrust, [have] thrust
upset, upset, [have] upset

Category 2: Verbs like find

Category 3: Verbs like begin

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