Mother reading to child.

L-1 Functional Literacy

Functional literacy includes the ability to read signs.

At the very minimum, people who have reached a level of functional literacy will be able to do the following:

  • Sign their names to a document.
  • Read street signs, maps, and posted directions.
  • Use a directory such as a telephone book or online site to find contact information.
  • Complete standard forms for employment, school enrollment, public library use, etc.
  • Open a checking account and write a check.
  • Use a calculator to figure sums.
  • Read label information on food, medications, cleaning preparations, etc.
  • Pronounce words clearly enough to be understood by clerks, teachers, and others who may be unfamiliar with their speech patterns.
  • Know where they can go for help with transactions that require a higher level of literacy.
  • Read simple picture books to their children.

L-2 Basic Literacy

L-3 Proficiency

L-4 Advanced

July 22, 2024