Baby’s First Teacher

Father and newborn
Father and newborn

Your baby’s education begins the first time you hold her or him. It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of education or a little. You are your baby’s first teacher and you can be a good one.

The first three years are important
Between birth and the age of three, your baby will learn to speak by listening to you and other family members.

At birth a baby is able to make every sound of every language in the world. During the first year, the baby learns to ignore speech sounds not used in the language spoken in the home. If you want your baby to grow up to speak more than one language, give him a chance to hear other languages spoken during that first year–in person or on recordings.

A baby learns to talk by listening
Just holding your baby in a loving manner is good for her developing brain. Talking and singing to your baby develops vocabulary. The more you talk to your baby, the better. School success begins at home. Before children can learn to read, they need to know a lot of words and how to use them.



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