Wide-spread use of computers in schools has led to a lack of attention to the basics of writing.

It’s a great mistake to place computers in the classroom in the early grades.

Young children can become acquainted with computer use at home, or at a local library or family center.

Before being assigned reports, essays, or term papers, children need to learn how to hold a pencil, how to form the letters, how to spell the words they use, and how to line up their writing along a margin. They need to learn the use of capitals, commas, periods, and question marks.

Every year public schools graduate 17-year-olds who have not acquired these fundamentals, yet they are skills that can be mastered by the end of the third grade.

Computers are wonderful tools, but in grades K-3, classroom time is best spent teaching children the skills that will be of use to them when all they can rely on is their own brains and unassisted fingers.

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