Everyone knows the word obesity. It’s a word that describes an undesirable condition and has, therefore, become a word that no one likes to hear.

Time to have a new word that means the same thing, but that has not yet acquired the negative feelings attached to obesity.

Enter adiposity!

adiposity [ad-i-pos-ih-tee]: noun, Fatness; or tendency to fatness.

Here are examples of its use on the web:

Among children who were initially either at risk for overweight or overweight, increased fruit juice intake was associated with excess adiposity gain, …

A variety of measures are available to clinicians and researchers for assessment of adiposity in children

Socioeconomic disadvantage was consistently shown to increase child adiposity

The noun adipose [ad-ih-p?z] means the fat found in adipose tissue [body fat]. As an adjective, adipose means “relating to, or composed of animal fat; fatty.”