2. find/found/found (61)

English Irregular Verbs

The verbs in this group have the same spelling for both the simple past and the past participle.

behold, beheld, [have] beheld
bind, bound, [have] bound
bleed, bled, [have] bled
breed, bred, [have] bred
bring, brought, [have] brought
build, built, [have] built
buy, bought, [have] bought
catch, caught, [have] caught
cling, clung, [have] clung
creep, crept, [have] crept
deal, dealt, [have] dealt
dig, dug, [have] dug
feed, fed, [have] fed
feel, felt, [have] felt
fight, fought, [have] fought
find, found, [have] found
flee, fled, [have] fled
fling, flung, [have] flung
grind, ground, [have] ground
hang, hung,  [have] hung
have, had, [have] had
hear, heard, [have] heard
hold, held, [have] held
keep, kept, [have] kept
lay (to place or put), laid, [have] laid
lead, led, [have] led
leap, leapt, [have] leapt
leave, left, [have] left
lend, lent, [have] lent
lose, lost, [have] lost
make, made, [have] made
mean, meant, [have] meant
meet, met, [have] met
mislay, mislaid, [have] mislaid
pay, paid, [have] paid
say, said, [have] said
seek, sought, [have] sought
sell, sold, [have] sold
send, sent, [have] sent
shine, shone, [have] shone
NOTE: The form shined is catching on with many speakers.
shoot, shot, [have] shot
sit, sat, [have] sat
sleep, slept, [have] slept
slide, slid, [have] slid
sling, slung, [have] slung
sneak, snuck, [have] snuck
NOTE: The past form snuck has persisted in American usage, but has come to be regarded as nonstandard; many speakers prefer sneaked.
speed, sped, [have] sped
spin, spun, [have] spun
spit, spat, [have] spat
stand, stood, [have] stood
stick,  stuck, [have] stuck
sting, stung, [have] stung
string, strung, [have] strung
spend, spent, [have] spent
spread, spread, [have] spread
swing, swung, [have] swung
sweep, swept, [have] swept
teach, taught, [have] taught
tell, told, [have] told
think, thought, [have] thought

Category 1. Verbs like cut.

Category 3. Verbs like begin.

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  1. crisn,
    No need to feel embarrassed for not having learned what one hasn’t been taught.

    As many years ago as it has been for me, I can still remember the teacher drilling us in the irregular verbs in the sixth grade.

  2. This is a little embarrassing (or remove the little) but these verbs have been the subject of my confusion especially between find and found. Thanks to your list, I now have a reference including the other irregular verbs. More power to you.

  3. Hello! I just found your blog via bing. What a informative blog you have! I appreciate it very much! Thank you for supplying such valuable information to the entire internet landscape!

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